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Dorje Shugden Protective Ruel

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Ruels are extremely powerful Tibetan protective talismans containing mantras, holy items and consecrated by qualified monks from Dorje Shugden monasteries. Ruels can be placed in your home, car, office, carried with you or worn as a protective amulet.

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Ruels are extremely powerful Tibetan protective talismans, which are made only once every few years by highly qualified monks from Dorje Shugden monasteries.

Wrapped in colorful and rich brocade, each ruel contains sacred mantras, as well as selected holy and blessed items. Each ruel has been specially prepared and consecrated with Dorje Shugden's sacred energy in order to provide you with the highest protection against negative energies, black magic, obstacles and physical illnesses.

These powerful items can be placed in your home, car, office or carried with you. You can even encase it and wear it as a pendant so that you are protected wherever you are!

Customer Reviews

I have been having some weird disturbances in my house at night and my mate had advised me to search for something called a ruel. I was lucky to find it here, because of its rarity! I purchased two, one placed in my house, the other for me to carry with. I must say, that I was sceptical at first, but no joke, this thing works like magic! The weird noises in my house at night has lessened tremendously, and I feel much more positive and pumped daily, like nothing is draining me. Before I would feel down all the time, lethargic, drained and sad. It's made a world of difference for me!

Review by Gregg McFarlane

The energy from the Ruel is really overwhelming. It does protect the environment in the room when placed there. It's good to wear one with you to be able to be blessed by its power.

Review by Julie

Ruel is the first product I bought from this online shop. Im carrying this until now as I felt the strong positive energy radiates from this ruel actually soothes my disturbed mind. I used to get nervous and mad easily but after wearing this ruel I felt my nervousness and anger decreased and I'm actually amazed by the result. Such tiny little thing that seems so insignificant yet so powerful. I heard this is very powerful to eliminate evil forces too.

Review by Sim Mun Keong

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