Beautifully created Dorje Shugden items - from statues to pendants to books on Buddhism. The Dorje Shugden Online Shop provides everything you need for your Buddhist practice and more, shipped directly to your doorstep!

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We have received many requests for our products hence The Dorje Shugden Online Shop came about as a result of one motivation – to make it accessible and easy for you to invite home high quality, beautiful Dorje Shugden related items. You may ask why, and our answer is very simple: it is so that Dorje Shugden will spread far and wide and many will rely on him for powerful blessings and benefits.

The Online Shop aims to provide you with the basics of what you would need to kick-start your path to Dorje Shugden’s practice. From tsatsas to statues, prints to pendants, all the Dorje Shugden items that we have on will be conveniently available here for you.

Do browse through our products, and lend your support to the Dorje Shugden Online Shop.

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All nett proceeds go towards maintaining this website, staff, overheads, research and travel expenses. Part of proceeds also go towards supporting various Dorje Shugden monasteries, namely sponsorship of Dharma texts, meals and robes for the Sangha and pujas. In addition, donations also go towards the sponsorship of medical expenses for senior monks who suffer from TB, diabetes and other medical needs. has been sponsoring several of these senior monks for over five years now. Your contributions will also go towards monks who are studying for their Geshe degrees at Dorje Shugden monasteries in Kham, Tibet.

The more support we receive, the more help we can provide the monks’ increasing needs.

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