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A contribution for the basic necessities such as food, clothing, medicines and Dharma texts for the ordained communities within the Dorje Shugden monasteries of Shar Gaden and Serpom, ensuring the survival of our tradition for future generations.

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Without the continued inspiration from monasteries upholding the tradition of Dorje Shugden's practice, we would be hard pressed to continue making a stand against injustice, thereby ensuring future generations are able to receive the benefits that Dorje Shugden grants.

Faced with difficult times since being expelled from their monastic institutions, the Sangha have founded the new monasteries of Shar Gaden and Serpom in which the practice of Dorje Shugden is kept alive. However, just as a bird needs two wings to fly, monastic institutions are built on two indispensable elements – education and material resources. Whilst monastic education is thriving and well, basic material resources dwindle due to low funds.

Relying on sponsorship, the monasteries need our help in a world that may not understand their importance due to persecution or ignorance. We are seeking sponsorship towards supporting the needs of various Dorje Shugden monasteries, namely basic necessities for the ordained community and their learning, such as:

  • Meals for the monastic community
  • Robes for the Sangha
  • Dharma texts and educational materials for the libraries and student monks

Funds received will also go towards sponsorship of both the younger and elder Sangha members, such as:

  • Sponsorship of monks studying for the Geshe degrees.
  • Sponsorship for the medical expenses of senior monks suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes and other medical needs. has sponsored several senior monks for the past five years now.

A small portion of your contribution will also go towards the maintenance and upkeep of this website.

Please show your support so our practice can flourish.

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